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Kanye West and Yeezy Ordered to Pay $300,000 to Brooklyn Creator

Katelyn Mooney alleges she was meant to be paid $110,000 for a Yeezy photo shoot in September.

Galia Lahav ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Distress Among Chinese Customers

The brand's China distributor ran into financial trouble, and customers are demanding compensation for…

Sara Ziff Files Lawsuit Against Fabrizio Lombardo, Harvey Weinstein, Disney, Buena Vista and Miramax

Ziff, former model and founder of the Model Alliance, alleges she was raped by Lombardo in 2001.

L’Oréal Top Filer of Trademark Applications Last Year

Other leading fashion and beauty firms posted gains including Japan's Shiseido, Abercrombie & Fitch Europe…

Joan Mitchell Foundation Alleges Louis Vuitton Used Artist’s Paintings Without Permission

The organization has demanded the immediate withdrawal of the French luxury brand's campaign.

Nicola Bulgari Convicted for Insider Trading on LVMH Shares

A fine of 1.2 million euros was handed to Nicola Bulgari, who also got a suspended jail sentence, while his…

Mason Rothschild Wraps Up Testimony at Hermès Trademark Infringement Trial

The case's ruling, which is not expected until early next week, could be influential in how intellectual…

Nike Sues Bape for Trademark Infringement 

The sports giant alleges Bape has been infringing on its popular sneaker styles since 2005.

U.S. Slaps Google With Lawsuit Over Ad Tech Monopoly

The DOJ wants to "unwind Google's monopolistic grip" on online advertising.

Under Armour Wins Trademark Infringement Case Against Armorina

A jury ruled the New York-based women's activewear brand would have to change its name but can remain in…

Thom Browne Wins Stripes Trademark Case Against Adidas

The jury found that the designer did not infringe on the sports giant's three-stripe mark.

Thom Browne Testifies About His Love of Sports in Adidas Trademark Case

The designer has been playing sports since he was a child and used Ivy League references for the parallel…

Adidas Expert Testifies to Confusion With Thom Browne-designed Product

The pieces in dispute feature four bars, which some 27 percent of consumers believed were produced by the…

California Becomes the First State to Ban Fur Sales

A law passed in 2019 went into effect at the beginning of this year.

Adidas and Thom Browne Face Off in Court Over Use of Stripes

The German sports brand is seeking just under $8 million in damages and profits from the luxury label.